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Your Content Is Your Medicine

What are you studying? Learning? Teaching? Preaching?


Your content is your medicine. 


I dove deep into studying and learning about self-care because it felt like I had to. I was burning at both ends, taking leftovers. Something had to give. I was empty and my body was in pain. I started with the basics like diet, exercise, sleep and hydration. But that only scratched the itch.


I learned about mental health and how powerful our thoughts are. They literally create our reality. So I started listening to positive podcasts and audiobooks. Each time I found myself in a negative thought pattern, I replaced it with a more positive thought. And it worked. I started feeling better. 


That led me to how my thoughts create feelings and inspired me to learn more about emotional wellness. 


I learned I had to feel it to heal it. My body was hurting and in pain because I was storing emotions and memories in the fibers of my being. I learned that if I didn’t feel them, they would scream louder and could eventually manifest as dis-ease in my body.


So what did I do with the information I learned? I got really quiet and still. I put my right hand on my heart and my left hand on my belly and asked the pain, “what is this?” Thoughts and ideas came. I breathed into the pain and kept listening. As the memories came, I told myself I was safe (because I was) and allowed myself to feel whatever emotions bubbled to the surface. I let the tears roll down my cheeks without wiping them. And I kept breathing 😮‍💨 

And guess what, they got less intense and my body started to relax. This was when I learned that all the answers are inside of me and this practice created spiritual alignment.


What kept me going through all of this healing and inspiration was my tribe, my circle ⭕️ I learned that “circles help us heal better so we can feel better.” I also learned that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with.


And this became my 5 Pillars of Self Care. 

-Physical Body

-Mental Health 

-Emotional Wellness 

-Spiritual Alignment 

-Social Circles


So I am a believer that my content is my medicine. I teach what I have learned, experienced and found to create a happy and full life. One that I can’t wait to wake up to.


Join me on January 2023 for 69 days of Self Care. I will help you customize a unique self care plan, just for you, using each of my 5 Pillars.

You will be invited to be part of a community who will support you and hold you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself and celebrate your wins


Want to feel better in 2023?

Join my circle ⭕️

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