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The Answers Are Inside Of YOU

Where do your beliefs come from? Are they yours or someone else’s?

I used to believe the answers were outside of me.

Society told me at an early age to ask my parents, adults, teachers, leaders, the list goes on. I started to believe someone knew better than me. If you are not owning your power, it means someone else is. – Your partner, your boss, a parent, or society as a whole.

The result is that I began to see myself as the victim, rather than the heroine, of my life. You wanna know how I became the heroine?

I blamed others rather than taking full responsibility. Victimhood is our cultural norm. It’s how women in patriarchy are raised to feel. We have not been raised to believe we are the source of our own power, the determiners of our own emotional state. It can feel scary to get curious and question beliefs.

But what if it was never your truth. What if instead it was something someone else believed and told you was true so you started believing it was your truth too? Ask yourself, does this belief make be feel better or worse about myself? The people I love? My circumstances?

“All the answers are inside of you, not outside.” -Kate Strong

I believed that someone else’s idea of what happily ever after looked like was real and would make me happy. There came a time when I started to replace that belief with what I know now: All the answers are inside of me!

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