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Meet Kate

Kate’s journey

It all started with the statement of  “Ask Yourself.” I was such a people pleaser. I didn’t know what I wantedI couldn’t even tell you what I wanted to eat. That statement of “Ask Yourself” was a pivotal moment in my life. It led me to look within.

I believe all the answers are inside of us and our physical state is just a reflection of what’s on the inside. While on this journey of self-love and Turn On, I started to ignite the radiance within me. I can tell you that in order to Turn On & heal, we must feel. First, it’s through awareness and then being gentle with yourself through love. Getting curious changed my life, and it can change yours too.

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Why Kate?

Most of the problems you are experiencing arise from battles within. I’ve been through it: faith transition, heartbreak, divorce, depression, anxiety, and more. On my journey of attracting more of what I want in life, I have become a healer, shaman, life coach, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, Turn On expert and speaker. I am a guide who has walked the path to finding my true self, and from it has emerged a heart full of love, gratitude, perspective, and optimism. I want that for all. I am here to help.

A look into Kate’s life

Living the same lifestyle or having the same train of thought is no longer an option. Life was meant to be authentically lived, and that’s what I’ve done with my life. My journey is never ending. I am always trying to better myself. That’s why I have my own coach to guide me on this continuous journey.

Kate doing some advanced yoga

The power of a circle

Individuals who feel alone tend to not do the work the work to love themselves, accept themselves, and practice gratitude in their lives. Having a circle is a place to fall apart when times get rough. It is a place to be nurtured by others while you’re on your own healing journey. Don’t walk this journey alone. Come to the circle to be seen, held, and loved by other like-minded individuals.

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