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The Answers Are Inside Of YOU

Where do your beliefs come from? Are they yours or someone else’s?

I used to believe the answers were outside of me.

Society told me at an early age to ask my parents, adults, teachers, leaders, the list goes on. I started to believe someone knew better than me. If you are not owning your power, it means someone else is. – Your partner, your boss, a parent, or society as a whole.

The result is that I began to see myself as the victim, rather than the heroine, of my life. You wanna know how I became the heroine?

I blamed others rather than taking full responsibility. Victimhood is our cultural norm. It’s how women in patriarchy are raised to feel. We have not been raised to believe we are the source of our own power, the determiners of our own emotional state. It can feel scary to get curious and question beliefs.

But what if it was never your truth. What if instead it was something someone else believed and told you was true so you started believing it was your truth too? Ask yourself, does this belief make be feel better or worse about myself? The people I love? My circumstances?

“All the answers are inside of you, not outside.” -Kate Strong

I believed that someone else’s idea of what happily ever after looked like was real and would make me happy. There came a time when I started to replace that belief with what I know now: All the answers are inside of me!

How to create pleasure in your life

“Pleasure is the nourishment that sustains our soul”- Kate Strong

Pleasure is a state of being, a state where you feel good about yourself and are enjoying your surroundings. Pleasure is usually caused by external stimuli, and often involves the five senses, and is emotional in nature. We can experience pleasure through eating, bathing, dressing, and even walking.

With endless entertainment and access to experiences of all kinds, why is pleasure so important? Taking pleasure in life is directly linked to our happiness so relearning what gives us pleasure and how to deeply experience it is imperative if we want to experience more happiness. What we describe as being pleasurable is unique to each of us.  Opportunities abound for each of us every day even when we are in the middle of unpleasant circumstances. We simply need to relearn how to pay attention to our sensual experience (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching) and recognize the feelings of “happy satisfaction and enjoyment” that come from paying attention to even the most common experiences throughout our days.  Once we get in the habit of paying attention and experiencing pleasure, we will be inspired to continue the practice because it feels good!

You can create pleasure throughout your day in many different ways. I suggest you experience pleasure at least once a week; it can be anything that gives you pleasure: a massage, a manicure, a bath or shower with candles, an uninterrupted hour with your feet up and a good book. Below are some quick ways to experience pleasure:

  • Honor your body with rituals.
  • Brag about yourself at least once a day.
  • Don’t compromise. Make it your intention to have what you want.
  • Invest in yourself. Read a great book, listen to a podcast, exercise, take a walk by yourself.
  • Experience sensual pleasure. Remember, “You must know pleasure to give pleasure.”
  • Keep a detailed pleasure list. Add to it continuously. See how it changes as you use your Art of Being a Woman skills.
  • Maintain your Goddess network. Keep your circle alive. 
  • Practice Gratitude. Keep acknowledging and giving thanks for all you have. 


One of my pleasures in life is creating experiences for women to reconnect with themselves. I get to share my secrets of how I’ve learned to get more of what I want in life. Do you want more out of your life?

Join the “Radiant Woman” Retreat Sept 16-18, 2022 in the beautiful mountains of Sundance, Utah! You will leave with tools to help you create a life of pleasure, passion, desire, and full of gratification! Sign up now!

How to “Turn On” your life

What does it mean to turn on your life? 

Turn on is a state of being on the inside. It’s not tied to external circumstances. And, it doesn’t mean always wanting sex or thinking about it. Turn on IS to feel a sense of your own aliveness and life force. It is knowing your spirit and body are one. It is the ability to reach for pleasure. When you are connected to the goddess within you,  you are in your fullness. You radiate. You become the brightest in the room. This is how you turn on.

“Turn on is the space where you know the perfection of your being- that it’s a privilege to be a woman, to be you, to be alive, to be given the gift of feeling pleasure with your body”

– Mama Gena

We all know women who are turned on. You can tell when you look at her, you feel her. You can sense her innate aliveness. There is a sense of engagement, when a woman is turned on. And a sense of emptiness, when she is not. We are the creators of our life. We do that by making choices. The choices we make each day create our life. Turn on is a choice. You can turn on your life, or you can choose to turn off. And the good news is, you get to choose.

So when I say turned on, what exactly am I talking about? Does it mean you’re ready to have sex every second of every day? Does it mean you have to wear low-cut tops and short skirts all the time? This is what the presiding culture would have us believe. But if you know this turn-on from the inside out, then you know it’s not tied to any external behaviors or circumstances. It’s a state of being on the inside. Feeling turned on might inspire you to dress more sexy, because when you choose to feel hot, you are in more approval of your body. It might inspire you to flirt with people, because sharing your radiance feels so good that you want to pass it along. But to avoid any confusion at all, here is a short explanation of what turn-on does, and doesn’t, mean.

What turn-on means:

  • You feel a sense of your own aliveness and your life force
  • You know that your spirit and your body are one
  • Your native enthusiasm is intact
  • Your ability to reach for pleasure is on – especially when it seems difficult
  • You’re in your right mind and your highest power
  • You’re you – full, complete, and whole.


Turn-on is about how we have to flip a switch, turn our light on, turn ourselves on, turn our power on, no matter our individual circumstances or the condition of the world in which we find ourselves.

What turn-on doesn’t mean:

  • You feel like having sex all the time
  • You’re obsessively thinking about sex, a carnal mindset
  • You have to dress in anyone else’s definition of “sexy”



Now that we are clear on what turn on is and is not, let’s learn how to get turned on! In order to turn on, we need to incorporate rapture into our lives. Rapture is a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. It’s freedom. There is no right and no wrong. There is no shame. If you want to turn on, you need to set the stage. Turn your room into a sanctuary. Make your bathroom a place for a Goddess. Just as an altar in a sanctuary requires upkeep and maintenance to feel sacred, so does the body of a woman. It is our sacred responsibility to look and feel as turned on as possible so we can connect to the sacred within ourselves. To shine our radiance on the world. Why? If we disregard the sacred within us, we cannot connect to our turn-on. And when we are not turned on, we are not connected to our life force. And if we are not connected to our life force, it means we are not owning our own power. If we are not owning our power, it means someone else is. When you let the light within you shine, you become a magnet for all that is good in life. You become a super attractor for everything you want. This is how you create a life you love.

So you can see that turn-on is a pathway to power. Unimaginable power. Power that is so sacred, so profound, that in certain parts of the world, connecting deeply and intimately with a woman’s body was compared to enlightenment. This is why I am so excited about the “Radiant Woman” Retreat I am currently creating. 

Now, more than ever, it is time for women to take back their power, to own their radiance, to stand in the truth of who and what we are, and live as the women we were born to be. It is time for us to go against the grain and choose ourselves, and our erotic aliveness. For those of you who want to live this truth, join me. I am so excited to share the magic of this with you!

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